How do you kickstart a design career?

In an industry without a defined path, Origin Stories will curate stories about how various Designers started their careers.

  • Mitchelle Chibundu
  • Early Attoh
  • Omolola Salehu
  • Charles Njoku
  • Dinma Anuigbo
  • Namnso Ukpanah
  • Abiola Eniola Aminu
  • Great Ndidi
  • Amaka Pascal
  • Onyedikachi Ibejih
  • Gbemisola Abijo
  • Nemi Banigo
  • Fari Oluwatoyin
  • Buhari Jemilu
  • Elijah Kingson

Mitchelle Chibundu

Mitchelle is an Author & Product Designer helping budding designers find their footing in the tech space. She works at Wise, a financial Company in the UK.

Dinma Aniugbo

Dinma is an Economist turned Product Designer with a keen interest in helping digital teams solve problems and achieve their goals.

Charles Njoku

Charles is a Markudi-raised Designer and now CEO & co-founder of Spire. He deeply believes technology can elevate human experiences.

Eniola Abiola Aminu

Eniola is a Product Designer at Flutterwave who believes design is about understanding people and building usable products for end-users.

Namnso Ukpanah

Namnso is the Lead Product Designer at Flutterwave and Co-Founder of Kimoyo. He leads the team responsible for Flutterwave’s Rave and Payouts and also spends his time mentoring at Figma.

Lola Salehu

Lola is a Product Designer and Software Front End Developer who takes pride in teaching budding Designers. She currently works with Paystack.

Nemi Banigo

Nemi’s background is in Communication & Media studies. She takes pride in being a plant parent & Mortal Kombat champion and enjoys time buried between books.

Elijah Kingson

Elijah is a London-based Product Designer who enjoys turning broad ideas into lovable products and experiences.

Amaka Pascal

Amaka is a UI/UX Designer with an interest in Illustrations and Digital Arts. She currently works as a Product Designer at Chowdeck.

Early Attoh

Early's original interest was in music production. He still creates beats and enjoys jamming to music while designing.

Fari Oluwatoyin

Fari is a Product Designer with a background in Computer Engineering. In her spare time, she is building Hudi, a spiritual habit app for Muslims.

Great Ndidi

Great is a Product Designer with a background in Computer Science. He enjoys playing video games and producing music when he is not designing.

Onyedikachi Ibejih

Kachie is an Economist turned multidisciplinary designer with experience in brand identity, product, and graphic design.

Gbemisola Abijo

Gbemisola is a Product Designer with experience designing B2B, B2C & SAAS products. Outside of work, she enjoys painting, traveling, and experiencing new cultures. Seeing the world from different perspectives has helped shape her as a designer.

Buhari Jemilu

Buhari is a Sokoto-raised Architect turned Product Designer who is interested in applying design thinking to improving human lives.

Why OriginStories?

The goal with OriginStories is to curate the various pathways people took to start their design careers. We hope this provides a sort of inspiration or guide for anyone looking to start their career today.

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