🤷🏽‍♂️ Why OriginStories?

“How did you become a designer?” is one of the most common questions I get asked. I never seem to know how to answer that because I started my career over a decade ago and usually felt my methods were dated. OriginStories is my attempt to answer this question today. Particularly for the designer starting their career tomorrow.

With OriginStories, we will be curating & documenting the lived experiences + lessons from people who have started their design careers in a much shorter timeframe. Our hope is that this will serve as a guide/inspiration for anyone looking to start their own design career or new to the industry.

🚨 Got Feedback?

Do you have an idea that can make this project better? Do you want us to focus on a specific part of the journey? I am open to hearing your suggestions. Please send me a DM — @udezekene

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If you find value in this project and would like to support the work, please send me a DM (@udezekene) or contact ForHumansByHumans.

👏🏽 Credits

I have had a ton of help bringing this to life, especially from:
Precious Cole@royaldiadem_

😊 For Humans by Humans

For Humans By Humans is a non-profit focused on accelerating design education. OriginStories is the kind of project we would like to make and support through ForHumansbyHumans.

Working on something for design talents? We would love to hear about it. And where possible, help.