Mitchelle Chibundu Inside loop

<p>I did not really set out to be a designer. If I am being honest, I would say that it […]</p>

Dinma Aniugbo Inside loop

<p>Economist Turned Designer I actually grew up wanting to be a musician and maybe that’s why my favorite app is […]</p>

Charles Njoku Inside loop

<p>Markurdi I had access to computers early. I like to say this because I think it’s a privilege that most […]</p>

Eniola Abiola Aminu Inside loop

<p>Eniola, the Human. I am really just someone who wants to enjoy a good life. I enjoy reading books, my […]</p>

Namnso Ukpanah Inside loop

<p>I trained as a Physiologist. But back when I was in school, I applied to be the customer support for […]</p>

Lola Salehu Inside loop

<p>Lola I am someone who loves experiences, so I like to document memories. I like to write and I like […]</p>

Nemi Banigo Inside loop

<p>Design, Plants, Mortal Kombat There are three main things that sum me up as a person; Design, Plants and Mortal […]</p>

Elijah Kingson Inside loop

<p>Man Like Elijah I like to think of myself as “curious”; curious about the origin of things, or how things […]</p>

Amaka Pascal Inside loop

<p>The Curious One. I pride myself on being a curious person and I like to learn. I have ventured into […]</p>

Early Attoh Inside loop

<p>Music, Finance and Design. I like to think I am a man of many interests. I used to produce music; […]</p>